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Studies Scholarship 2019 T&Cs Scholarship 2019


T&Cs SMALL PRINT and conditions of participation for the 2019 creative scholarship:

  1. 1. Object of the conditions of participation and acceptance

    Through a creativity contest the SRH University of Popular Arts (hdpk) intends to award scholarships  for its international bachelor’s courses B.A. Audio Design, B.Mus. Popular Music and B.A. Creative Industries Management at the hdpk in Berlin for the 2019 summer semester. The creative scholarship covers 50% financed studies at the hdpk over 7 semesters. This means that the hdpk will pay half of the the tuition fees for the standard duration of study of the relevant course. Course costs vary.

    Other costs, such as living costs and accommodation in Berlin, must be covered by scholarship holders themselves. Participation is subject to the exclusion of legal recourse.
  2. Awarding the scholarship  

    The recipient of the award will be chosen from all applicants who have applied by 15 January 2019 through the normal application process and uploaded "their story” video in accordance with the criteria specified at and provided the link on the online application form. Participant requirements are based on the admission procedure for the relevant course, which can be found on the relevant course’s page. Here is an overview.

    The application process sets out the requirements and process of participation in entrance examinations and thus the creativity contest, as well as the necessary transfers of rights. Taking part in the creativity contest, i.e. providing the link to the video, constitutes acceptance of the conditions of participation.
  3. Eligibility and admission requirements

    Only persons over 18 years of age who meet the hdpk’s admission requirements on the date on which the scholarship is awarded are eligible to take part. Members of the hdpk (students, lecturers, members of staff, etc.) may not take part.

    The admission requirements can be found on hdpk’s website on the relevant course page. (The hdpk cannot admit students who do not have a university entrance qualification on the grounds of special artistic ability).
  4. Decision on awarding the scholarship

    The board of examiners will select the recipients of the scholarship as part of the usual admission procedure. Participants score points in the relevant examination- and study-related categories during the normal entrance examinations that participants are invited to at the hdpk in Berlin. The board of examiners determines the recipients of the scholarship based on the points scored.
  5. Validity of the scholarship

    The scholarship will only be paid if an appropriate study cohort starts in the 2019 summer semester as planned. In the event that a cohort does not start in the 2019 summer semester, the scholarship may begin with the first subsequent study cohort. The scholarship cannot be paid out in cash. The scholarship is non-transferable.
  6. Use of personal data

    The data provided when applying will only be collected and used to notify the successful scholarship holders. The hdpk will use participants’ email addresses to send them a regular newsletter, provided that participants have given their consent to this. Every newsletter contains a link via which recipients unsubscribe at any time. Recipients can also unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by sending an email to By taking part in the 2019 scholarship contest, applicants give their consent for the hdpk to publish their name and the “story” they have submitted on the official Facebook page and on its website.
  7. Copyright and rights of use

    The participants guarantee that they hold the rights required to use "their stories” submitted. If a participant is not the sole owner or copyright holder, they must ensure that they hold the rights required to take part in the scholarship contest. Every participant grants the hdpk the following ordinary non-exclusive right of use, unlimited by time or territory, for "the story” they have submitted: The right to store the data on a server; the right to make the creative piece accessible to the public, wholly or partly, via the hdpk’s Facebook page and website (right of public disclosure); the right to edit the creative piece to allow it to be presented properly, whereby "the story” may not be distorted.
  8. Liability and indemnity

    The participants guarantee that they will not submit any content that has been produced, published or used in breach of the applicable legislation or third-party rights. Participants shall indemnify the hdpk against third-party claims of any kind resulting from creative pieces that they have submitted being unlawful. The indemnity obligation also includes the obligation to fully indemnify the hdpk for all legal defence costs (e.g. court and legal fees).
  9. Termination

    In the event of a breach of these conditions of participation, the hdpk may exclude the relevant participant from taking part. This applies in particular if they provide false information, if they are not eligible to take part or if creative pieces submitted breach the applicable legislation or third-party rights. If the excluded participant is the winner, the scholarship may subsequently be revoked. Awarding the scholarship will not be compulsory in such cases. A substitute award is not usually made.