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Studies CORE - Studying with head and heart

Your space of possibilities.

Have you ever heard about the story of the penguin?

The anecdote of the bird in the tuxedo, who looks like a joke of nature at first glance? Stocky stature, missing knees, unusable wings - a classic case of misconstruction one might think. But when the penguin jumps into the water, his art of swimming brings tears to the eyes of the observer. Misconstruction? By no means! More streamlined than a Porsche, he glides through "his element" and leaves no doubt about his unique talent.

What do we want to tell you with this story? It shows how important the environment is for fully developing your talent.

What does this mean for us as a university?

The SRH Hochschule der populären Künste (hdpk) is a space of possibilities that wants to be filled individually - with courageous ideas, with inspiring experiments and new models of thought, but also with critical questions and open discussions.

Studying with us means…

... to start looking for „your water“ to venture on an expedition into unknown areas. To not always choose the direct route and to discover something new. The goal: A swimmer’s cross and a heart full of curiosity to conquer colourful oceans.

Practice-driven. Project-based. Team-oriented. This is CORE.

Don’t be afraid of mistakes: Just give it a try.

Our educational concept is based on experience-based learning. It is therefore not always about right or wrong, but above all about trying out new things and getting to know yourself. We don’t expect you to learn something for your professor or the examination office, but for your own projects and your entire (professional) life.

Learning what you need for tomorrow

You don't have to complete dozens of internships after graduating with us. Practical team and project work already prepare you for the professional world. At the same time, you will train social skills such as the ability to criticise, thinking-outside-the box and creative problem solving. In other words, you will acquire all those skills that employers expect from their employees nowadays.

>> After graduating, you not only receive a certificate, but also a project portfolio with which you can apply for jobs straight away AND you know where your personal strengths lie. <<

Knowledge on demand? Not with us. CORE curriculum.

The semester is divided into three theoretical and practical 5-week blocks, in which you intensively deal with real-life projects and topics. At the end of each block, there will be an examination. This way, you will be able to dive into the topics and ensure that you not just accumulate knowledge at the end of the semester.

Parallel to this...

...you focus on artistic-practical work (e.g. writing workshop, individual musical lessons, design courses) in 15-week modules. The semester ends with practical 3-week workshops.

>> Learning at eye level. With CORE, our lecturers say goodbye to the traditional lecture format. They don’t want to simply impart knowledge on you, but accompany you on your individual learning path.<<

We don’t like to use the red pen: Our examination formats

We do not only use classic forms of examination such as written exams or presentations. There are about thirty different types of examinations to choose from.

For example:

Portfolio | presentation | project work | case work | scientific poster | report...

... and many others 

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