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"Spieglein an der Wand" - A music video by the students of B.A. Creative Industries Management

The music video for the song “Spieglein an der Wand” by Max Piano, student B.A. Music Production, is a collaborative effort of a group of B.A. Creative Industries Management students who took the module “Film” in summer term 2018.

After they were approached by the artist, they created a compelling concept, secured funding from the university and proceeded to take the project through all the stages of a film production, all the while learning about the craft of filmmaking, the dynamics on a film set and the responsibilities associated with their respective crew positions. Throughout the process, they were supported and mentored by the module’s instructor, Christoph Heller, a seasoned film professional. Most of the crew was made up of B.A. Creative Industries Management students, the Director of Photography (Kun Liang) and the Editor (Pavle Mihajlovski) are experienced film professionals who were brought in from outside the school to ensure the quality of the final product.

At its core, this music video is a collaboration between Max Piano and Clara Rothländer, both hdpk Music Production students, and the B.A. Creative Industries Management study programme.


Starring: Max Piano & Clara Rothländer | Directed by: Peter Ostertag

Screenplay by: Saeden Runge | Produced by: Saeden Runge & Felix Reichenberger

Co-Producers: Sebastian Möller Palza, Philipp Ritzler | Director of Photography: Kun Liang

Production Design & Costume Design by:  Alyah Hassan | Edited by: Pavle Mihajlovski

1st Assistant Director: Saeden Runge | Art Director Atakan: Narman

Script Supervisor:  Lihua Du | 1st Assistant Camera: Leyan Mezger

Lighting/ Grip: Saleh Dabaliz & Philipp Ritzler | Key Makeup/ Hair: Yulia Klyachko

Costumes Assistant: Atakan Narman | Locations Manager: Felix Reichenberger

Stills Photographer: Yunsung Cho | Storyboard Artist: Saskia Barner

Catering/ Craft Service: Mason Traylor / Special Thanks: Kathrin, Christoph Heller, Christian Mertens, Marie-Ann Jacob, Lukas Schlaffke, Marie-Luise Marchand

The Art Department would like to thank: Edwin Andrade (Unsplash) & Bruman Design

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Prof. Dr. Brigitte Biehl


for the B.A. Creative Industries Management & M.A. International Management (Creative Industries) |Professor for Media and Communication Management | Director of the "Institut für Weiterbildung in der Kreativindustrie (IWK)"
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