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Managing dance: How new markets can be accessed

Keynote speech by Prof. Dr. Brigitte Biehl about dance and management at international dance conference in Seoul

Creative people continuously establish new areas of work: The arts are a driver of creativity and have an impact on various areas of society. To speak about this topic, Prof. Dr. Brigitte Biehl, Director of Studies of the B.A. Creative Industries Management, was invited to South Korea’s Sangmyung University in Seoul. She delivered a keynote speech for the conference on “Organization and Management for Dance”.

Referring to her research on dance and management, Biehl explained how dance has inspired many other fields and can even contribute to business organizations and drive organizational change and personnel development. Dance theory has informed management theorizing as it puts ever changing constellations, nonverbal interaction and embodied understanding at the forefront – issues that are central for leadership and interaction in today’s dynamic work environments. Biehl also outlined a quite new area of work for dance practitioners and choreographers who provide “artistic interventions”, bringing people, processes and products of dance into organizations to work on issues they are facing. In dance and movement workshops, participants achieve a new understanding of “leading” and “following” and learn to apply embodied forms of knowing to their decision making in complex circumstances.

Accessing new markets and establishing ever new opportunities for managing creative practice are topics that the B.A. Creative Industries Management explores. More generally, the SRH Hochschule der populären Künste (hdpk) brings together different music and design programs with management study programs, including the new M.A. International Management with focus on "Creative Management“. Artistic interventions for businesses are also offered as part of the portfolio of the Institute for Creative Management Development

The invitation as a keynote speaker through Prof. Dr. Jiyoung Kim, Director of the Global Research Institute for Arts & Culture Education, Chair of the Dept. Sports and Dance Studies at Sangmyung University shows the international relevance of this approach. At the conference, experts from Korea, Japan, China, and the Philippines, explored dance management trends. They emphasized the need to link management and entrepreneurial thinking to creative practice for sustainable success.

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