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Creation Day: Working in the space of the Atelierhaus Australian Embassy (East)

Students get to fully submerge their minds into the meaning of art during a ‘Creation Day’, developed by module teacher Sandy Schwermer.

What is art to you? What is art to society? What is the first image that pops in your mind when you say ‘Art’? Who is art? Why is art your friend? 
After many weeks of diving into the core ideas of entrepreneurship and the creative industry, we were taken aback by an activity prepared by Sandy Schwermer (module teacher).

She gave us a taste of inception, a reminder of who we really are and to allow ourselves to dive deep into our artistic character. A day prepared by Sandy Schwermer that she called ‘Creation Day’, was to fully submerge our minds into the meaning of art. The task was easy, create a piece that represents the meaning of art in our light, in groups or individually. The bulk of liberty to express ourselves was boundless, and we had the opportunity to carry out this activity at the former Australian Embassy in Pankow.

The whole experience was exceptional being that we got to free our minds from the business side (which has a tendency of sucking the art out of ya) and interact in a space owned and occupied by notable artists. Atelierhaus Australische Botschaft had to vacate the space after the building was sold. Students also learned about this policy topic from Sandy Schwermer and artists.

Text: Chono Chibesakunda | Video: Chono Chibesakunda and Mariia Lavrenova


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