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International Focus PROMOS Scholarships ERASMUS grant for study fees

supported with PROMOS scholarships

hdpk awards scholarships for internships worlwide lasting between six weeks and six months and which cannot be funded by any special scholarship programme by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

However, interships within Europe can only be funded if an ERASMUS-grant is excluded, e.g. your ERASMUS time quota of twelve months has been exhausted, or if you are interning in Switzerland. We do not fund internships within Europe if they are less than the minimum duration of 60 days for ERASMUS funding, or if they fit into one of the DAAD's special programmes, i.e. international organisations (e.g. the UN), EU institutions, institutions and organisations that administer EU programmes, Germany's missions abroad, etc. You can apply to the DAAD for individual funding for these internships: DAAD Scholarships.


Depending on the country, the monthly grant is between 300 and 500 Euros and is a standard grant as defined by the DAAD (List is only available in German). It is possible to be awarded a partial scholarship because of the limited budget.

The grant amount will be paid out in two instalments. Please note that the payment may be delayed due to the processing time and take this into your financial considerations if you a granted a PROMOS scholarship.

How to apply for a PROMOS-scholarship for internships

For your application, please submit the following documents in a PDF file by email (incomplete applications will not be considered). Please note further explanations on the application (will be available in English shortly):

  • Application form
  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form
  • meaningful letter of motivation (max. 2 pages, German or English)
  • transcript of records (from CampusNet, current study programme)
  • matriculation certificate (from CampusNet)
  • certificate of the working language and, if different from the working language, of the national language. If the national language is not mastered at all, at least proof of sufficient knowledge of English and the working language is required. Certificates from language schools are not sufficient.
  • Informal academic letter of recommendation for the scholarship from a university lecturer or doctoral research assistant providing information on your qualifications. Please submit the letter in a closed and sealed envelope; it can alternatively be submitted as a scan by email by the reviewer.
  • Internship commitment or contract with the following information: exact start and end dates of the internship, working hours per week, key job description, remuneration if applicable.


The application deadline for internships is bimonthly to 28.02., 30.04., 30.06., 31.08. and 31.10.; you can also apply retroactively, but must have submitted the application before you have completed your internship. If more applications are submitted than funds are available, a ranking list of applications will be created and proportionately funded, should funds become available again.

After the internship you submit a report to the International Office, which will be published on the SRH website in compliance with the DSVO regulations. The report is between 800 and 1500 words long and contains at least two photos and/or one or two short videos. Alternatively, a short text with a longer video (min. 3 minutes) or a detailed blog can be submitted.



For applications and queries about PROMOS, please turn to the International Office

Sebastian Rabe

University Administration

Bewerbermanagement & International Office
Room 625
Potsdamer Str. 188
10783 Berlin
Telephone +49 30 2332066-21 Send an email

Lara Janitza

University Administration

Studienberatung und Bewerbermanagement
Room 625
Potsdamer Str. 188
10783 Berlin
Telephone +49 30 2332066-17 Send an email