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International Focus PROMOS Scholarships ERASMUS grant for study fees

Competition Trips
supported with PROMOS scholarships

hdpk students who have been accepted to participate in international competitions, e.g. the National Model United Nations in New York, EU simulations, business simulation games, music or design competitions and others, can apply for PROMOS travel scholarship.

Per trip groups of up to 20 participants for a maximum of 12 days including travel days; a competition trip may be accompanied by a university lecturer but it is not required. The number of days which we might sponsor may be less than the actual trip, in order to allocate the scholarships to as many students as possible within the budget.

After the trip the participants submit a summary to the International Office, which will be published on hdpk's PROMOS website. The written report may be accompanied by pictures, videos, blogs etc.


The daily allowance is 30 € per day and person for trips to most EU-states, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey; for all other countries is it 45 € per day per Person. A competition trip does not have to be accompanied by a lecturer.

The total amount of the scholarships is paid out to the student or group leader before the start of the trip and then settled in cooperation with the International Office. If the trip is to take place immediately after the application deadline, it may not be possible to make the payment in advance. Take this into account when planing the trip.

Who can be funded?

All students from all programmes who aspire to complete their degree at SRH can apply for PROMOS study trip grants. In detail, this includes all German citizens and students who are coequal according to the Federal Training Assistance Act (Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz, § 8 BAföG).

Where can you go?

Competitions trips can be anywhere, but trips to countries or regions for which the Federal Foreign Office has issued a (partial) travel warning cannot be funded. If a travel warning is published for the destination country of a sponsored trip before departure and during the stay, the funding will be subsequently refused or the group will be requested by hdpk to leave the region or country.

For German citizen abroad it is recommended to register with the Federal Foreign Office via Elefand, a crisis prevention list. Other citizens may please refer to their home county's crisis prevention measures.

How to apply for PROMOS-funding

The application is handed in by the person who wants to participate in the competition. If a group of students wants to apply, one person shall be defined, who takes over the responsiblity for administering the trip and the application for PROMOS funding.

Please hand in the following by email or on paper:

  • description of the competition and the reasons for your participation: what will you do at the competition, how will you prepare yourself and how will you reflect on the trip afterwards
  • time schedule for the trip
  • list of participants
    including name(s) and family name(s), sex (m/f/d), status (student, graduate or lecturer), subject area (business studies, music, film, design etc.) signed by the participants
  • financial plan
    estimated travel costs, meals, lodging, other costs for all participants, if applicable other financial sources
  • invitation or confirmation by the hosting organisation

The application deadline is bimonthly, cut-off dates in 2019 being February 28th, April 30th, June 30th, and October 31st.

Complete documents should be handed in by email or in paper to Sebastian Rabe.

The decision will be taken within the following fortnight and communicated by email to the responsible faculty member. Should more applications be submitted than within our budget, applications will be ranked and supported afterwards should hdpk be allocated more budget by the DAAD.



For applications and queries about PROMOS, please turn to the International Office

Sebastian Rabe

University Administration

Bewerbermanagement & International Office
Room 625
Potsdamer Str. 188
10783 Berlin
Telephone +49 30 2332066-21 Send an email