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International Focus PROMOS Scholarships

PROMOS Scholarships

hdpk awards scholarships for studying and interning abroad as well as for international excursions and competition trips.

PROMOS Scholarships

SRH Hochschule der populären Künste (hdpk) awards PROMOS scholarships for studying or interning outside of Europe as well as for excursions and competitions trips. The rates are the usual allowances as set by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

PROMOS is for students who are matriculated at least in their second semester and aim at a degree from SRH. This includes our international students; however, stays in a student's home country are not eligible, unfortunately, even if a study trip, for instance, is mandatory. The scholarships are allocated by a qualitative selection procedure, but there is no entitlement to a scholarship.

The funding for PROMOS is provided by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and administered by the DAAD. The programme is aimed at rising the numbers of students, whose international project or destination cannot not be covered by ERASMUS or any other DAAD-scholarship.The German higher education institutions are allocated a Budget according to student numbers and can issue the scholarships autonomously.

Application deadlines for PROMOS scholarships at SRH are February 28th, April 30th, June 30th, August 31st, and October 31st 2019.

PROMOS Options

PROMOS for Excursions
PROMOS for Competition Trips
PROMOS for Internships
PROMOS for Studying

PROMOS Quality Principles

hdpk is committed to the quality principles as defined by the DAAD:

The institution avows to

1. guarantee a transparent tendering procress, meaning that

  • all students and lecturers are informed about the application and tender process.
  • the selection criteria are clearly defined and publicised.
  • the selection dates and possible subsidies are published adequately.

2. guarantee are qualitative selection process, thus that

  • the criteria as predefined by the DAAD are used.
  • performance-related criteria are always the deciding factor for a grant.
  • only academically strong students and meaningful projects are supported. a commission is set up and at least the principle of dual control is respected.
  • selection is non-discriminatory (i.e. within the meaning of the General Equal Treatment Act).
  • the decision is taken solely on the basis of objective criteria.
  • timely information about the decision is given to the students.

3. to promote and maintain the quality of the programme:

  • document the main reasons for the selection decision (protocol, ranking, etc.)
  • to make a binding decision on whether or not the achievements of the planned stay can be credited, and to make this transparent for the students and, wherever possible, to strive for the recognition of academic achievements
  • ensure the flow of information between all parties involved (administration, faculties, students, DAAD)
  • to provide opportunities for criticism and to identify possible channels for criticism
  • promote the objectives of the programme and ensure its visibility

For queries please contact the International Office

Sebastian Rabe

University Administration

Bewerbermanagement & International Office
Room 625
Potsdamer Str. 188
10783 Berlin
Telephone +49 30 2332066-21 Send an email