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International Focus Outgoing Exchange Study at a Non-Partner University

Study abroad at a Non-Partner University

It is also possible to study at a university which is currently not one of the partner universities of SRH Hochschule der populären Künste. This, however, requires more effort on your part. So how do you go about it? Take a look at this step-by-step guide:

  1. Decide which country/city you would like to study in and research the local universities to find the one that best fits your needs.
  2. To ensure that the university of your choice meets the quality and academic standards of hdpk, make sure that the university is accredited (H+ status at www.anabin.de).
  3. Contact the International Office of the university of your choice to inquire about the study abroad possibilities as well as the requirements. Request the application documents, course lists and course descriptions and find out about the application deadline.
  4. The courses which you will take at the university abroad must correspond to the classes that you would take during that same semester at hdpk. This applies to the content of the courses as well as the credit points which you will earn. Compare the curriculum of the host university to the curriculum of hdpk to identify eligible classes at the host university. Contact your Study Programme Director for assistance with your class choices. Keep in mind that we guarantee that the classes that you successfully completed abroad will count towards your hdpk degree only if your class choices were approved by the hdpk Examination Board before the beginning of your semester abroad.
  5. Submit your complete application by the application deadline directly to the host university.
  6. Prepare your Examination Board application form and submit it to the Examination Board. Contact the Examination Office should you need assistance.
  7. Once you completed your studies abroad, submit your transcript from the host university to the Examination Office to request the conversion of your grades.

Unfortunately, students who study at a university which is not one of our ERASMUS+ partner universities do not qualify for financial support through the ERASMUS+ programme. This means that you may not be paid an ERASMUS+ stipend. Furthermore, you will have to pay tuition fees at both SRH Hochschule Berlin and, if your host university charges tuition fees, pay those as well. However, other financial support options, such as Auslands-BAFöG, may be available to you.

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