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Workshop about the Berlin Music Scene

Wolf Kampmann organized a workshop with the topic of Berlins musical identity. Under the participants, our guests from the University for the Creative Arts

The history of Berlin is affected by different political systems.


Due to social issues the musical identity of Berlin took some time to develop and find its own way different to other world metropolises like London or Paris. What were the influences and backgrounds creating the base of what Berlins musical industry has become today?

On Friday, the 3rd of November, Wolf Kampmann organized a workshop at the hdpk dealing with the topic of Berlins musical identity through the last decades including its development in times of the Weimar Republic and also National Socialism.

Aspects of West Berlins special role as city of outcasts like Iggy Pop, Nick Cave or U2 were dealt with as well as the phenomenon Neue Deutsche Welle, pop music in the DDR and the significant role of techno music as a special part and symbol for the reunion of West and East Berlin.



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