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The Business of Creative Arts

Creative Industries Management group visited Healworld Productions

Our BA students of the B.A. Creative Industries Management Marketing Module, guided by Prof. Dr. Conrad Heberling, went on a field trip to Healworld Productions. They were welcomed by CEO and US trained entertainer Philipp J. Caesar. He attended leading acting schools in New York and Los Angeles and was personally trained by the worldwide renowned Acting Coach Susan Batson.

The excursion opened up new perspectives on how to best tackle the business of the creative arts. Healworld's business model includes advisory and media agency services, film productions, digital marketing management, acting, music and life coaching.

"The Healworld production and broadcast philosophy is to inspire and to empower professionals and audiences to believe in themselves and in their dreams and to make these come true by consequently following through on their wishes and visions“, explained Caesar.

The meeting led to controversial discussions on life philosophy and business attitudes. It helped to reinforce outside-of-the-box-thinking and to step out of the familiar frame of understanding.

His non economical background and unconventional approach created an interesting and fresh angle on how to combine business and the creative industry. „I very much enjoyed the session with the students which was also an enriching experience for me“, said the CEO.

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