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Students visit the Bauhaus Foundation in Dessau

Students of the B.A. Creative Industries Management visited the Bauhaus Foundation in Dessau – the place where Modernism was born

Even though Bauhaus, and especially Johannes Itten's preliminary courses, were topics of Frank Alva's Buecheler module “Audience and Aesthetics” before the excursion already, it once again became evident during the visit that looking at pictures simply hasn’t got the same effect as experiencing art directly and unfiltered.

While students were walking through the Werkstätten of the artists (workshops), looking at the stage and standing in front of Walter Gropius' director's desk, they suddenly realised how radically different and influential these artists were expressing themselves and how a group of people was able to create a completely new epoch themselves. The visit to Lyonel Feininger's Meisterhaus was an impressive addition to this experience. Nowadays, the Kurt Weill Society is based here, a non-profit, private foundation dedicated to promoting understanding of Weill’s life – and his “soundtrack” for the Bauhaus movement.

After the excursion, all students agreed that the vibe and impact of the Bauhaus artists is still very much alive in Dessau and as inspiring as it was 100 years ago.

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