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Platform CREATE[IN] to release short film celebrating creativity

Debut short “I AM CREATE[IN]” promises to deliver a birds-eye view of Berlin's School of Popular Arts (SOPA) youngest and most promising creatives and producers contributing to the creative community with their talents.

CREATE[IN], a new online platform run by a student collective takes their first foray in production with an original short film featuring six dynamic and multidisciplinary actors, living and creating in Berlin.

Specifically developed for the web “I AM CREATE[IN]” film exclusively debuts on July 25, 2020 at 17:00 CT, at the Hullabaloo online festival. An exciting entrant to this year’s theme of “Celebrating Creativity” for the annual festival held by SRH University, which will also be taking place online for the time. The film will later be made available elsewhere online via the platform’s main Instagram channel.

Launched in 2019 with the mission to produce inspiring and enriching original content and curation during a time of wide global uncertainty the team behind Create[in] aesthetically leans in by giving a unique and timely gaze inside Berlin’s creative student class amidst the backdrop of a global pandemic. The “I AM CREATE[IN]“ film gives a glimpse as to how they plan to effectively carry out their mission of spreading hope by shining a light on their curated personalities.

“Our goal is to stimulate a whole new level of engagement and appreciation of the students’ creative and artistic activities,” said Executive Director Chono Chibesakunda. “Perceptions are shaped by what we see, so we’re staying true to our vision to widen the lens of positive reinforcements. Create[in] strives to be a resource as well as a visual gateway to keeping it real with stories of struggle, not of fabricated success stories, but of stories, you can relate to”.

Filmed on location in Berlin this year in partnership with SOPA, the short has a multi-format approach featuring six creatives from different fields:

Sara Ferrara, who produced this film is a world-class professional athlete who has competed at Track Cycling World Championships and is now pursuing a career in the arts.

Kristina Kurapkaityte, a dancer for 15 years tells you of their insatiable curiosity of how bodies move Cloudy June, considered “one of Berlin’s promising emerging songwriters’” by Berlin Loves You showcases her dark pop sounds.

Cosmo and his collective of DJs, visual designers,and producers joined forces to build Mandelbrot, a feedback focused platform which allows artists to test out their audio and visual concepts in front of an open crowd without the pressure and constraints of producing “perfection.”

Arsenii Efremenko and Eleonora Paradise who make experimental electronic music as the duo Blank[i.e.]  “Broken Lift Sessions” a live session meets music video platform created by Victoria Hartwig and Felix Pils which features a rotating roster of musical artists.

The I AM CREATE[IN] film gives a layering multi-perspective story-telling approach that engages the audience and provides unique insights by spotlighting and giving an inside look at the many players, big or small, recognized or just starting contributing to Berlin’s creative tapestry.

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Text: Kathleen Bomani

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