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Live social media coverage of cultural industries congress

Student gets exclusive access to Culture Investment Congress and Cultural Brands Award for reporting and meets the big names

In the module “Public Relations”, Leyan Mezger from the B.A. Creative Industries Management (CIM) set out to mingle with the big names of the cultural industry in Berlin at their exclusive annual industry event. Her role was to take over hdpk’s Instagram account to report about the meeting of Germany’s most well-known cultural managers. Prof. Dr. Brigitte Biehl, Director of Studies B.A. CIM, delivered the academic keynote and opening speech for the congress in the morning on “Efficiency and Aesthetics”, and got the green light for Leyan’s accreditation as a reporter and PR agent by Hans-Conrad Walter, Managing Director of Causales, as the host of the large event.

Leyan’s task was to prepare for the congress, by doing research and communicating with other parties such as the marketing department of the hdpk. So she has adapted roles consisting of different activities, both internal and external. In order to have a successful take-over of the hdpk’s Instagram account, Leyan met with the marketing department to understand their expectations concerning the take-over, adopting hashtags and experience framing, while still being flexible in terms of communication content. Her external tasks were related to the congress itself. Networking, meeting people and speaking for the study programme and school.

Before the big day, Leyan worked through the comprehensive programme, learned about the speakers and their companies, and chose the talks for her to visit. She prepared text drafts for the first Instagram post, chose her outfit and made plans to manage her time efficiently at the location – Berlin’s creative hub Radialsystem at the river Spree. “I had full responsibility, but I did not see that as an issue”, Leyan said after the event. “I found the project an enriching experience, and I can imagine doing further work in this area in the future.”

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