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Literature night in music theatre: Students raise money for the Valerian Foundation

Creative Industries Management students organized a literature evening and raised money to secure the Valerian foundation for kids and young people

It was a night of creative stars at ATZE music theatre with onstage performances by a group of renowned musicians, authors, writers, comedians, actors and poetry slammers such as: Sven Regener, Horst Evers, Zoë Hagen, Fil, Frank Goosen, Marco Göllner, Daniel Finger, Nadine Heidenreich and Dietmar Wunder. The moderator was Sven Oswald (from Berlin based tv and radio station rbb).

Students of the B.A. Creative Industries Management developed the event “Lesen tut gut” (“Reading does well”) in the ATZE Music Theater to rescue the Valerian foundation with their module teacher Björn Krass. Students developed the idea and organized the evening and programme, handled the event location, guest management, media relations, social media and the evening’s catering. The event was supported by Ströer Media Brands which offered 200 screens for advertising the event, and media outlets such as ARD Hauptstadtstudio and radioeins reported on it.

The literature foundation for young people “Valerian Arsène Verny Literaturstiftung für Kinder und Jugendliche” was founded in 2014 to keep alive the legacy of Arsène Verny’s son Valerian, a student of literature, who was killed in an accident. The foundation offered readings, workshops, cinema and literature events until a substantial part of the foundation’s capital has been used and needed to be retrieved to secure the legal status and continuous operation of the foundation.

Through pro bono work of the artists and the students’ participation the evening was successful and the aim to sell 480 tickets was reached. This will make it possible for the foundation to offer new projects within the next two years.

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