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Hipsters on Bicycles: Communicating marketing messages through film

Hipsters on Bicycles is a project developed by the students in the module “Marketing Communications”. This module is one of several marketing modules in the B.A. Creative Industries Management. The project addresses the contemporary Hipster phenomenon that Berliners are no strangers to. The student projects chased hipsters on bikes in parks, bike shops, and even in traditional pubs (“Eckkneipe”) – showing that they may be different than they seem!

Marketers need to use emotional and aesthetic media to communicate their messages effectively. Marketers are not only ‘scientific managers’, but also use their heart and artistic sensibilities to operate as a socio-political influence within a local and international context. Film skills and visual literacy are among the capacities creative managers need. The School of Popular Arts brings together management strategy and creative practice: Students can use film equipment, cooperate with film and arts study programmes, and work with creative form these fields.

After going through a creative thinking process that makes sense of their own lived experience, and a structured analysis of the context, students framed their view on the topic. They also developed the art work and you can see them starring in the videos – with some true views on the Berlin scenery that include Kreuzberg, Schöneberg, and Wilmersdorf. For example, at 02:32 the Kleistpark right next to the SRH School of Popular Arts is shown, in which students can spend their breaks. They also drew on different genres, e.g. “Hypsteria” as a horror-version scenario of the topic that illustrates that “hipsters are not monsters”.

The videos were produced under the direction of Howard Hunthttps://www.hdpk.de/de/hochschule/hochschulteam/hunt-howard/, who is a professional in Film Directing and an entrepreneur in the tech industry.

Watch here >>>

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