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“Follow your passions and nurture your curiosities”: Create [In] hosts dialogue about talent and careers in Berlin’s creative industries

With Berlin’s creative industries booming, the Create [In]: Talking Talent event at the School of Popular Arts zoomed in on future talent needs and careers.

The “Create [In]: Talking Talent” event responded to a recent report by Berlin’s Chamber of Commerce (IHK Berlin) about the current situation of cultural, media and creative industries in Berlin. These fields comprise a high proportion of start-ups, small and medium-sized companies. By implication, students, wanting to enter these fields, cannot rely on company branding and formalized graduate recruitment programmes to orient their career choices. “Create [In]” addressed this issue with a participatory event format in the transformed lounge of the Berlin School of Popular Arts, combining panel discussion and workshops to generate a dialogue among students and creative professionals about the future of the industry.

The Panel was composed of:

● Micheal Hapka, Managing Director of Mercedes Benz Arena

● Maria Wagner, Head of Games at games:net Berlin-Brandenburg

● Nico Nowarra, Chief Business Development Officer of experimental games

● Jürgen Schepers key account creative policy and digital economy at IHK

● Chono Chibesakunda as Chair of the Panel and student of the Berlin School of Popular Arts, Student from the B.A. Creative Industries Management.

The event was organized by students of the B.A. Creative Industries Management – Chono Chibesakunda, Sara Ferrara, Gertrúd Hüttl, Celine Noack, and Buwanesh Parthiphan – as part of their “Project Management” module, led by Professor Dr. Svenja Tams, Professor of Management, Organizations and Leadership, and with mentorship by Björn Krass (Artist Name: Tim Thaler), who is teaching on the programme.

Drawing on their personal experiences, the members of the panel converged on the view that the best way for young professionals to find their way in the creative industries is to follow their passions and nurture their curiosities. Subsequently two workshops – focusing on Events- and Games Industries – provided opportunities to identify current trends and share individual perspectives, with the goal of mapping jointly the future of the creative industries.

The event concluded with participants networking and enjoying food and beverages that had been generously provided by Crown Plaza Hotel Berlin.

Text: Sara Ferrara, Chono Chibesakunda, Gertrúd Hüttl and Svenja Tams.



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