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Exploring connections in today’s times: XIII Eulen performance night

Students from the study programmes B.A. Creative Industries Management and B.A. Kreatives Schreiben und Texten (Creative Writing) worked together on the performance “XIII Eulen” in the module “Performing Arts”.

Guided by the director of “Atelier Get into Play”, Sandy Schwermer, the students were inspired to connect with the “performer in themselves” and explored physical presence on stage with regard to contemporary topics of nature, connection and living together in a society.

“We have also worked on the interface of analogue and digital artistic production that displays contemporary performing arts with a strong link to choreographic work”, explained Schwermer.

The group worked on the performance in the context of a “practical project” module for an intensive period of two weeks. On the last evening, the students presented a variety of études or short performances of topics revolving around topics that are salient in today’s times. Études were called: “Chemie Kinder” (Claudia & Co), “Connecting the Dots” (Sibel), “Touch: inter-(re-)action” (Arsenii & Eleonora), “Feather” (Jessy), “French breakfast” (Marko & Maryana), “KAKA” (Amelie & Kristina), “Fairy Lights” (Karoline). Performers briefed the audience: “You, dear spectator, better be ready, because you will see your expectation turned upside down, will witness the power of connection and touch, will learn the importance of nothingness, and much more!”

“Working together was a fundamentally inspiring and also bringing us out of our comfort zone”, said the performers about their work. “We have discussed our views on nature and life and brought this into a theatrical form”. The project will be continued.

Photo credit: Chono Chibesakunda (@zealous.team)

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