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Electric Live Orchestra

Audio Design and Management students came together to create an experimental, electronic live performance.

For the first time, 20 students from the B.A. Audiodesign (AD) and the B.A. Creative Industries Management (CIM) performed on stage with their laptops and electronic instruments under the name: “Electric Live Orchestra”.

The Electronic Live Performance Project was developed and directed by Prof. Marco Kuhn and Prof. Tilman Ehrhorn. For several months, students and professors worked towards creating a show consisting of four acts blended together in a smooth and coherent way. “The performance aimed at designing an immersive audio-visual experience for the audience,” says Prof. Kuhn, director of the Audio Design study program, “We wanted to achieve the same feeling of unity and connection that an orchestra has, but with an atmospheric, experimental, and contemporary touch, as a result of combining soft- and hardware instruments.”

The project encouraged the students to think independently, take initiative, and be proactive in the development of the project. While the Audiodesign students mostly worked on the content creation, CIM students volunteered to oversee the project management part, which included creating a PR campaign, finding a venue and dealing with logistics, as well as handling the communication between various stakeholders. “Everybody had a chance to define their roles and tasks in the project according to their personal capabilities. Thus, even students without prior music production knowledge had a chance to contribute in a valuable way,” says Arsenii Efremenko, third-semester CIM student. Participants gained insight to creating an event from the birth of a concept to the final presentation. This way they have a possibility to have a valuable hands-on experience for future reference.

This project allowed students to develop their creative skills, in order to bring this ambitious performance to life. Particularly interesting is the combination of electronic music and spoken words that takes place in the third part of the performance. “I wrote a reflection of my experience of the techno culture in Berlin” states Eleonora Gelmetti, third-semester CIM student. “The club is a safe space, where everybody is free to be and express themselves, without fear of being rejected or judged. I wanted to convey this feeling of community into a poem and have a platform to share my ideas.”

The performance took place on the 3rd of February on campus of SRH Berlin School of Popular Arts (SOPA). “The quality of the performance was very good, better than expected from a group of students!”, said Sebastian Bayne, internationally renowned DJ/producer, who attended the night alongside with Norman Nodge, resident DJ at Berghain.

Considering the positive outcome of the event, “Electric Live Orchestra” will go on stage again at the end of the Summer Semester in a bigger venue. The date and place will be announced at a later time on the SRH Berlin School of Popular Arts’ social media.

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