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Dominating the creative market

Students produce film with their entrepreneurship ideas in fashion, music and arts

Berlin is a very tough market to crack in terms of any kind of creative enterprise, because there is so much creativity here. At the same time, one of the things that was established in the Module “Creative Business Startup Lab” (Howard Hunt), is that the (stereotypical) German mindset is more geared towards execution than innovation. Which means there is always a possibility for disruption, if we can devise ways of using the latest technologies to do something new and exciting and different.

For four weeks, groups developed innovative ideas for market entry into the Berlin music, fashion, art, event and publishing industries, and developed business cases to allow the possibility of fundraising, then executing, then monetising and scaling, with the ultimate goal of dominating each creative field. Ideas are diverse as the international students come from countries all around the globe and have many different perspectives on things.

The presentations were videotaped and produced under the direction of Howard Hunt, and a portfolio reel was be screened at the hdpk Christmas party, another one will be screened at the hdpk summer Festival.

You can also watch the video now.

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