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Cooperation Project Audiodesign B.A. – University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, UK

This summer, our Audio Designers are embarking on a journey with their fellow students from M.A. Filmmaking and B.A. Music Composition and Technology of the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, UK.

Laura Lee, herself creative practitioner, guitarist, composer & technologist, who teaches at both universities, has set up this interdisciplinary project between our B.A. Audiodesign students and their fellow M.A. Filmmaking and B.A. Music Composition and Technology students of the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham.

James Caddick, Lecturer / Study Lead M.A. Filmmaking at UCA, feels that “this is a fantastic opportunity for MA filmmaking students to begin forming relationships with audio specialisms. My hope is that this early engagement in sound will serve as creative springboard that will enhance the projects and serve as the basis for future relationships.

Harry Whalley, Senior Lecturer Music Composition and Technology at UCA, underlines the hopes for a fruitful future cooperation between both universities stating: “Institutes have their own DNA, something that gives them character or ‘feel’. UCA Farnham and Berlin School of Popular Arts have some shared DNA, you notice it in the openness and enthusiasm of the lecturers and entrepreneurial spirit of the students".

Following this spirit, the 15-week project aims to establish a network, at this initial stage, of film makers, sound designers and composers between both universities and thus lay the foundation for strong links and a future productive connection resulting in joint works for film screenings, festivals or galleries.



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