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ARTEA: Engaging event format attracts new audiences to the space of art gallery Under the Mango Tree

A collaborative project between students of Berlin School of Popular Arts and art gallery Under the Mango Tree.

In light of only 10-20 percent of Berlin’s 400-600 galleries being commercially viable, a collaborative project between students of Berlin School of Popular Arts and art gallery Under the Mango Tree experimented with an innovative event format to draw new audiences, art enthusiasts and tea lovers into Berlin-Schöneberg’s neighbourhood gallery.

The ARTEA event on 18 January 2020 at Under the Mango Tree in Berlin-Schöneberg created an authentic experience by combining the finissage of the exhibition ‘The Choice to Stand Alone’ with an open table discussion and a unique tea experience. ‘The Choice to Stand Alone’ exhibited works of two German women painters, Margret Hofheinz-Döring (1910-1994) and Irene Wedell (1932-2010). Against the backdrop of this exhibition and the lives of the two artists, the Open Table Discussion enabled participants of the event to engage with invited artists, gallerists and experts about the challenges and choices, which female artists face in contemporary art markets. Following the discussion, a tea tasting experience offered participants a multisensory journey and an opportunity to slow down.

The ARTEA event was attended by 40 people and conceived as a pilot event for the following Slowdown Sunday ARTEA events, which Under the Mango Tree Gallery sustains to offer every Sunday since February 2020.

The event was organized in partnership between Mini Kapur, owner of Under the Mango Tree, and students of the Berlin School of Popular Arts B.A. in Creative Industries Management - Kristina Kurapkaityte, Mariia Lavrenova, Erce Önder and Laura Weißmann - as part of the Project Management module, led by Prof. Dr. Svenja Tams, Professor of Management, Organizations and Leadership.

The Open Table Discussion was moderated by Mariia Lavrenova, one of the students, and Mini Kapur, the gallery owner. Invited guests spoke about the participation of female artists in the art market, in the past and present. Petra Rietz, curator and former gallery owner, shared personal experiences of running a gallery and about enabling female artists and support among other female gallerists. The Berlin-based Russian artist Yewgenia Pestova addressed the financial aspects of arts and its difficulties. Sandy Schwermer contributed with personal insights about being a female artist, actress and performer.

The Tea Tasting Experience was led by Yumi Tanabe, a Japan Goodwill Ambassador. As a certified Japanese tea instructor, Yumi introduced participants to the organic Gyomura tea. Carefully grown under diffused sunlight for twenty days before harvesting, Gyokuro combines unique features: a light green color, an elegant aroma, a sweetness of taste and a peaceful aftertaste and effect.

Under the Mango Tree is an art gallery and design studio in Schöneberg, Berlin run by Mini Kapur.

‘Under the Mango Tree’ Merseburger Str. 14, 10823 Berlin




Photos by Chono Chibesakunda from Zealous.Art

Text: Kristina Kurapkaityte and Svenja Tams

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