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Hochschule Hochschulteam Hunt, Howard

Howard Hunt


für Creative Industries Management


Howard Hunt has worked as a journalist and magazine editor in Sydney, Melbourne and New York, where he was involved in new media publishing during the original dot com boom. After ten years working as an advertising creative in Prague, he founded a gaming startup in Berlin, raised seed capital, took an engineering team to China, and developed the world’s first Augmented Reality gaming controller for Sony Smart Eyeglass headsets. He holds two patents, and has spoken at tech conferences throughout Europe and the United States. 


Howard has a BA in Journalism, an MA in Film Directing, and is presently undertaking a PhD in the Philosophical Faculty of Queen’s University, Belfast, focussing on the Ethics of Private Surveillance Enabled by Hidden Cameras in Augmented Reality Headsets.


Non-academic interests include UX/UI design, electronic hardware development, the Internet of Things, AR/VR, outdoor gaming and eSports, and the fresh hell of fundraising.