Music Production

As a music producer you design and oversee the musical and technical process of a music production project from start to finish. Your focus is on the artistic production. Composition, interpretation, and recording engineering are among your core skills. At hdpk you author, as a composer and arranger, music pieces for different instrumentations and media uses. Your developed skills as a live and studio musician are complemented by comprehensive theoretical and practical training in music recording.

Your degree in Music Production qualifies you not only as a musician, but also for your future professional life working as a recording engineer and managing the legal and financial aspects of projects.

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Sophistication for the Real World

Our module programs of study have a duration of seven semesters with a total workload of 210 credit points, which will earn you a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. This accredited program consists of 14 areas of study in 28 modules that offer both structure and room for individual choices and development. In addition to instrumental music/song composition and music recording, the curriculum includes courses in music theory, ear training, media law, management, and numerous practical training units and workshops. The sixth semester is dedicated to an internship in a business or time abroad (either and internship or study) where you can further expand your skills and build valuable contacts for post-graduation. Your bachelor capstone project will consist of a practical component and a corresponding written thesis.

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Professional Fields and Employers

Music producers participate in shows and productions both as musicians and audio engineers, while also managing recordings and mixings. Employers are, among others, production companies, ensembles, concert promoters or TV and radio broadcasters. However, music production is also a classic field for freelancers that work as composers, interpreters, or audio engineers for concerts, events, and the media.

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